Hospital Ministry

“I was sick and you visited me…” Matthew 25:36 (NKJV)

The Hospital Ministry of Calvary Chapel Jacksonville is a ministry where we visit both those within our fellowship, and also, those outside our church body who have been admitted to local hospitals. At times, the Lord has opened doors for us to serve as temporary surrogate friends/family to people from out of town who have been hospitalized in our area for treatment for a period of time and have no family nearby.

This is also a ministry for those who may feel called to minister in various ways, like sending cards, and praying over the phone as well as in person with them. Sometimes members of the team will sit by a person’s side as the person goes through treatment. We visit, pray, listen, and bring needed items (food, books, etc.), and whatever else the Lords leads us to do.

There are usually five members of the Hospital Ministry available for hospital visits.

Anyone who is interested in this ministry, or feels called to participate should contact:

E-mail: Bob and Julia Music, who will meet with and/or mentor the volunteer. Or telephone (904) 998-1792