Missions Ministry

“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world  and preach the gospel to every creature.’” Mark 16:15 (NKJV)

Much prayer and consideration is done prior to choosing where we will go for our yearly church Missions Trip. In the past, our teams have gone to the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, the Philippines, and Haiti. Some individuals have also gone on mission trips elsewhere.

Once a decision has been made for a team mission’s trip, and the team is in place, we begin to identify our needs. We utilize our gifts and work in different areas and prepare skits that we will perform, assemble crafts, choose songs and we come up with games that can be played that are relevant to the children of that culture.

In order to assist in lowering the cost of a missions team; some seek sponsors to help with expenses. We also hold yard sales and have church BBQs with donations going to help with the team’s expenses. In addition, if there are any items that are needed by our on the ground missionaries, we occasionally will go out into the community to local businesses for assistance. For example, dental equipment that may be outdated here in the states is valued in another country.

We support local missions, including: Mind For Jesus (Rev. Fred Young), Intervarsity, Kairos Jail Ministry, Foundations Academy Christian School/Chapel Services, Word Strong (Pastor Trip Kimball), Musicianary (Pastor Keith’s International Music Ministry).

We also support missionaries in the following countries: Philippines, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, El Salvador, Uganda, Peru, Kenya, Ecuador, Russia, Myanmar, SE Asia, Africa, Afghanistan, Mexico, The Amazon River, Brazil, Jordan, Prayer for the Harvest (National and International), Glad News Muslim Ministry (National and International).

For more information about the missions ministry, contact:

John and Anika Magwood

E-mail:  jrmagwood@comcast.net or telephone (904) 998-1792